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Glenholme School

Region: Bay of Plenty / Waiariki

Art form: Craft/object / Glass

Project name: Stories told in glass: the science, magic and artistry of glass

Creative name: Jayne Baume

Project information: The key aims of this project will be to teach the senior students of Glenholme School the science, and artistry behind glass fusing while exploring aspects of their diverse cultural identities and giving them opportunities to tell their own stories. Students will, while learning about the different properties of glass, make their own individual art pieces. Students will then use their new skills to work collaboratively on a class display piece that will benefit the entire school community (five in total). These display pieces will reflect the many cultures that make up our school whānau and will be on public display.

Students will use an e-book to document their learning journey and this will also be used for helping evaluate the success of the project at completion. We want this project to give students and staff knowledge, memories (and a beautiful piece of art) that can be enjoyed for many years. All artwork completed in this project will be shared with the school community during an art and science exhibition at the completion of the project.

Project starting: March 2021

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