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Gate Pā School

Region: Bay of Plenty / Waiariki

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Visual Arts

Project name: Gate Pā School

Project information: Workshops will focus on the creativity within our students and empower them to discover new ways of learning. There will be two key projects:

  1. Landscape Design – Cultural Narrative: Cultural groups of students and their whānau develop a symbolic pattern reflective of their culture. A stencil of this pattern will be created and then painted on to a post of the Pā fencing. Each of the school's main cultural groups will complete this process. These posts will adorn our new entrance way which reflects our cultural narrative.
  2. Enhancing our gully playspace: Gate Pā School has a large gully that is currently underutilised. We would like to enhance this space by creating products for it and in doing so develop children’s skills and give them a sense of ownership.

Both projects will allow the students to express themselves through a material medium and experience hands-on learning. The projects will also aim to generate pride and ownership in our school.

Project starting: February 2021

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