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Freemans Bay School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Visual Arts

Project name: Waiatarau: Making our marks, telling our stories

Creative name: Louise Menzies

Project information: Waiatarau translates as ‘reflecting waters’ and is the Māori name for Freemans Bay. Our local environment will be our source of inspiration and place for observation and reflection in a flexible mark-making project that takes the page and the book as formal devices to support the exploration and development of visual language learning across a variety of drawing and book making workshops. Working with children across age groups, this project will have a special emphasis on self-expression, the recording of personal stories, and connection to our local environment.

Part one will consist of a series of sessions where students will explore mark-making using a variety of different media such as pen, ink, paint, pastel and digital touch technology, and within a range of expanded drawing techniques including collage, rubbings and mono-printing.

Part two will gather together the drawings created and extend this learning into the construction of a simple book. Younger students will engage in conversation and reflection about what they have created and work to select and bind several of their drawings, exploring in a direct way the parts that make up a book: Cover, page, spine and binding.  

An extended book-making project will be run for students in years 4 to 6. Students will be encouraged to share and record observations of their neighborhood, using a similar range of techniques and approaches described above. Students will then reflect on their visual diaries to select a theme or topic to develop further for their book. All finished books will be shown in a special display in the school library. 

Project starting: May 2021

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