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Fairfield Intermediate

Region: Waikato

Art form: Dance / General

Project name: Fairfield Dance Experience 2021

Project information: Our ‘Dance Experience’ project will enable the entire student population to participate in high quality dance education to gain dance skills, create relevant dance works, perform, and reflect on learning within dance.

Our school will have three opportunities for students to engage in the dance curriculum, varying in intensity depending on student interest and skill level engagement.

Part 1: All student access

All students will create works relevant to current learning objectives, themes, topics, or interests developing in the classroom; supporting overall learning objectives. Students will contribute to dance choreography and celebrate their participation and creative works through the production of an inter-house performance shared with the school community.

Part 2: Enrichment Programme for interested students

Students who have a particular interest in dance will be extended through a dance enrichment programme. Dancers will present their works to whānau at a capstone showcase and will have the opportunity to tour to local primary schools.

Part 3: Production

Dancers at the highest interest and skill level (auditioned) will participate in a production of Beauty and the Beast (choreograph and perform within a theatrical context). Dancers will gain experience learning how dance enhances and collaborates with music, drama, production (stage, props, costume, sound and lighting) to create a musical theatre production.

Project starting: February 2021

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