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Concord School

Region: Otago / Southland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Visual Arts

Project name: Communicating our Culture

Creative name: Jemima Pedro, Deidre O'Malley

Project information: Featuring the creation of interactive murals; taking the theme of communication, we aim to draw the community together through investigating children’s identity and culture, creating two murals in the school grounds. Mural one theme will be play and sport, and mural two will focus on identity and culture. Both murals aim to create a sense of belonging, generating pride and ownership of the school and its environment.

We aim to create a digital link within the mural to a recorded podcast. It will record the artistic journey of the Concord School tamariki and give the students an opportunity to reflect on and embed their learning.

These creative outcomes will allow children to forge a lasting legacy, communicating their identity and culture as a school and to the wider community. 

Project starting: February 2021

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