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Cashmere Avenue School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Dance

Project name: The Tantrum

Project information: We will lead the junior children through a creative process where they learn dance, music and theatre skills and explore an idea creatively. The students will learn how to transform an idea into dance, music and theatre. This process will be particularly relevant for visual and kinaesthetic learners.

We are living in a time of big emotions, big change and big pressures. We will use the idea of a tantrum to enable students to explore these emotions and pressures and the need for Kaitiakitanga of each other at this time. The Tantrum will be a dance and music creation process designed specifically for 5 to 7 year olds, culminating in a performance for CAS middle and senior school students, and parents. The idea of a tantrum will be explored with the students in many different ways, through choreography and dance, music, stories, role-playing and visual expression. The idea of a tantrum incorporates struggling with difficulty, learning new things, having needs and wants that conflict with other people’s needs and wants, asserting yourself and experimenting with power.

Project starting: February 2021

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