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Balmoral School (Auckland)

Region: Auckland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Visual

Project name: A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Project information: We will create an art piece that reflects and tells the history of the land we occupy at Balmoral School (Te Kura o te Roto a Rangi). We know some of the critical histories of our site, including the fact that where we are now was once a lake known as Te Roto a Rangi. Our Ākonga will research to find out more of the story of this place, and then design and make a piece of art that reflects and honours this history, and can be placed in this new environment.

We are an Inquiry-based school, and as such, the learning the children do is driven by their questions and wonderings about the world around them. We see this project as a chance to provoke their thinking about this place, and the people who came before us. The chance to work with an artist to then transfer this knowledge to making a piece of art provides invaluable educational opportunities, including designing, prototyping, making, problem-solving, collaboration, communicating and reflecting.

Project starting: May 2021

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