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Awanui School

Region: Tai Tokerau

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Literature

Project name: 150 year celebration mural

Creative name: Anna Evans

Project information:

Ko Kurahaupo te waka
Ko Tohoraha, Ko Puwheke, Ko Te Rangianiwaniwa nga maunga
Ko Rangaunu te moana
Ko Tuwhakatere te tangata
Ko Ngai Takoto te iwi

In 2022 our school will proudly celebrate its 150th anniversary. We want to celebrate our rich culture and history by creating a series of panels that tell our story. These stories range from our Māori tupuna through to the Dalmatian gumdiggers and settlers, early farming, the ships trading up the Awanui River, and the local airfield station that was built in World War 2.

The creative will work collaboratively with students on this inquiry-based project that will provide an authentic learning experience across multiple curriculum areas. Through literacy children will read, write and take part in story telling. In social sciences they will understand the significance of place and environment and identity, culture and organisation. In maths they will learn about ratios, patterns and measurement. Children, staff and our creative artist will research stories from many sources. These stories will add to the authenticity of this project.

These murals will tell our unique story and reflect the relationships between our tupuna, environment and the standing of the Tangata Whenua. They will show our identity and reflect our place of significance at this school.

Project starting: February 2021

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