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Aotea College

Region: Wellington

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary / Theatre

Project name: Theatre for Social Change

Project information: For this project, we will work with Year 11-12 high school drama students to devise and create an interactive promenade performance to be performed on the Wellington Waterfront. This performance will tie into the Lōemis Winter Solstice Festival and will be developed alongside and in collaboration with local Wellington artists performing at the event.

We wish to stress the importance of theatre for social change in a contemporary context. Why is theatre for change important in Aotearoa? What are some new tools and techniques that we can develop to engage young New Zealanders and local communities in issues such as biodiversity? These are some of the questions we hope to discuss and develop during this partnership.

This project will align itself with The New Zealand Curriculum both in terms of meeting Level 1 and 2 NCEA standards in theatre, but also by sharing values and principles including cultural diversity, inclusion, future focus, community engagement, ecological sustainability, innovation, and equity.

Other schools involved: Wellington East Girls' College / Scots College

Project starting: March 2021

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