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Alfriston College

Region: Auckland

Art form: Animation / Short film

Project name: Digital Animation

Creative name: Josh Nelson

Project information: This project is based around developing students’ digital literacy and emotional intelligence using animation. As well as producing an animation around the personification of an emotion, students will develop practical skills in illustration and use digital tools from the Adobe suite.

They will learn how to produce storyboards and develop illustration skills; they will build their knowledge of animation principles as well as how to create their own stories. Learners will draw from their own cultural capital to develop their own short films; drawing on their unique cultural perspectives as well as life experiences to inform how their story unfolds. The personal life experiences of these tamariki will be at the forefront of the students’ creative projects as they will feature the struggles young people face today. These stories or experiences will be shared with the wider school community to ensure that they inspire creativity in other learners.

Project starting: May 2021

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