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Albany School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Game Design

Project name: Game Based Learning

Project information: Game Based Learning is a methodology to engage students in powerful, spontaneous and fun learning experiences. Through the use of the Gamefroot platform, we will retell the historical stories of the local area, explore the cultural concepts of local Iwi and create strong, narrative-underpinned platform games to share within the community.

This project will provide an educational experience that deeply connects what they are learning with a creative technology they already enjoy and engage with on a daily basis. In this sense, the art form is authentic and relevant to today’s learners and will see them produce content that reflects what the games industry wants and needs.

The tech skills learned align with game industry needs (supporting students as they explore genuine career pathways within game design and development) as well as deliberate alignment with the DT learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. From a local curriculum perspective, the opportunity underpins the journey the school is about to embark upon, unpacking the stories of the travelling iwi that have passed through the area for many years.

Deeper connections to the community and Iwi within the area, brings together two worlds that would perhaps not ordinarily interact. We have the opportunity to bridge the gap between the two stakeholders and have our learners become an integral part of the partnership.

Project starting: February 2021

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