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Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kaikohe

Region: Tai Tokerau

Art form: Placemaking and Ceramic Sculpture 

Project name: Bling Bling Toi Marama

Creative name: ĀKAU & Rhonda Halliday

Project information: We value the ideas young people have for making their environment more awesome. By using design to engage taitamariki we hope to walk alongside them from exclusion, to inclusion, to greatness. We empower taitamariki to become connected, creative learners so they can navigate the future with confidence. We enhance their learning through creative, hands-on, project-based education, involving them in real community projects that have positive impact for taitamariki, their whānau, and their community. In 2020 we will engage Kaikohe taitamariki in the design of Bling Bling Toi Marama: ‘Where taitamariki and artists connect through design to create street-light art sculpture that feeds the soul and supports safer communities.’ Taitamariki will be involved in delivering a high-quality arts outcome that will help them grow, develop and enhance their skills and creative potential. They will create light art sculpture for their streets; not only making their neighbourhoods aesthetically interesting, but also safer at night. We will partner with local artists, harnessing their unique creative abilities, and with kaiako, upskilling them in our effective project-based education approach, with positive outcomes for all parties.

Project status: In progress

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