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Silverstream School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Mosaic Art / Mosaic Mural

Project name: Ka Mua, Ka Muri (Walking Backwards into the Future) 

Creative name: Rachel Silver

Project information: 

Outcomes for students and ākonga: Students and ākonga learned about the history and techniques of mosaic making. They found out more about the history and culture of the school during a visit to the city library, a local tour, and interviews with locals and past staff members. Students also learned more about the cultural groups in the school. Learners worked collaboratively with each other, the lead teacher, and the creative, as well as parents and whānau who worked with the students on the mosaic.

Outcomes for teachers and kaiako: Teachers strengthened their ownership and pride for the school and its community. They developed their practical understanding of ‘New Pedagogy for Deeper Learning’ approaches through linking a practical application in an authentic and meaningful context and strengthened teacher capability to work on significant art projects. We also ran teacher workshops, so everyone in our school community had the opportunity to be involved in the project.

Outcomes for creative: The creative developed personally and professionally by engaging with students, teachers, parents, families, and whānau. Has a more sustainable portfolio career that rewards their specialist creative expertise. She ran art extension lessons that focused on drawing for a group of students, and many of the students’ drawings formed part of the mosaic design for each installation.

Outcomes for parents and whānau: Parents and whanau worked closely on the mosaic making with the children. They enjoyed being part of the community project, got to know their school community better, learned new skills and can call some of the project ‘theirs’. Parents were required for much more of our project than originally thought. Facebook was used a lot during the project, generating a lot of engagement and interest and parents felt part of the project, even though they may not have been physically present.

Project status: Completed

Project photo gallery:


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