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Rotorua Girls' High School

Region: Bay of Plenty/Waiariki

Art form: Māori weaving

Project name: Mahi Raranga 

Creative name: Anna Hayes

Project information:

Outcomes for students and ākonga: All students expressed themselves creatively with some requesting to be transferred into the class to study, which showed a real need and desire. Students made connections with their culture and history and international students gained an understanding of NZ history and customs. The project was an opportunity for students who struggle in traditional Maths/English type classes to excel in a practical subject. It promoted well-being and mental health. It was an opportunity for students to learn from a successful creative practitioner and they developed an understanding that weaving and other creative practices is a legitimate study option and career path.

Outcomes for teachers and kaiako: Teachers learned skills and knowledge alongside students (tuakana/teina), a wider knowledge of NZ history and customs, acquired sound knowledge of the tikanga around the process, gained confidence to teach new skills that they will teach in the future in order to give students the opportunity to learn mahi raranga. There was a sense of satisfaction in offering students skills and knowledge that they needed, incorporating traditional and local skills into the curriculum, and connecting creative skills with much needed NCEA credits.

Outcomes for creative: The creative gained experience in teaching a wide range of ages and abilities and large groups. She acquired insights into the NZ secondary school system and satisfaction in seeing ākonga engaged and producing quality work. She is further mentoring ākonga wishing to pursue artistic careers. She felt valued as a creative and proud to share her knowledge. She had faith that sound foundations of tikanga and kawa were laid and respected by all.

Outcomes for parents and whānau: Parents followed student progress on social media and school Facebook groups. Student photos showed parents proudly displaying work at home. During a parent evening in term 1, some parents moved their daughters into the fashion course as they wanted them to be involved. At a whānau evening parents were engaged with the learning and discussion around the subject.

Project status: Completed

Project photo gallery:


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