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Paekakariki School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Paint, clay, mosaic, printmaking, digital mixed media, and photography

Project name: Kainga o ngā akonga māhorahora. Creating a home for the Barefoot Learner 

Creative name: Alayna Flighty

Project information: The vision: to create an outdoor play space made up of a number of small whāre designed by our tamariki. We envision collectively creating a village of structures for students and whānau to enjoy. Students will research a range of designs and make test prototypes. Whāre walls will be decorated with patchwork panels depicting a variety of images and messages. We anticipate these visuals would be carried out via Tuakana-Teina. Paekākāriki is an inclusive, colourful, and creative village. We aim to replicate this on our school grounds.

Aim: STEAM learning guides our planning. Tamariki would apply learning gained from cross-curricular investigations, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills with a focus on specific AO: building on prior experiences, working together, undertaking planning using visual language features, effectively exploring artmaking conventions using measurement and geometry knowledge. Monitoring and evaluation: our Barefoot Learner Principles detailed in the form of a matrix which we use to monitor and assess across a number of areas. These guiding Principles are the result of extensive community consultation, are at the front of our Local Curriculum, and are woven through all we do. The matrix would be used alongside student voice (group and independent reflection) throughout the project.

Project status: Completed

Project photo gallery:


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