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Newtown School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Drawing and outdoor sculpture

Project name: Butterflies Together

Creative name: Paul Forrest

Project information: 

Outcomes for students and ākonga: Students and ākonga developed an awareness of themselves as artists and many developed a passion for drawing. They grew in self-confidence and their ability to create. Their ability to focus on a task increased during the project. The appreciation of effort rather than product highlighted to students the value in giving it a go and persevering. Students further developed ways in which to communicate and express emotions, identity, and stories and have a deeper understanding of their whakapapa.

Outcomes for teachers and kaiako: Teachers and kaiako developed an understanding of ways to teach art such as by celebrating students’ individuality and thus developing a strong sense of themselves as artists before launching into process-driven teaching. Other outcomes include the belief in students’ ability to focus for long periods on a task and how this increased focus is across the curriculum, and the ways in which art influences and supports across all curriculum areas and how it can be integrated.

Outcomes for the creative: The creative has an increased courage in his own art and giving anything a go as a result of his observations with students. He has a greater faith in his ability to teach and explore different ways of passing on knowledge and to instantly notice the impact of these techniques. He practised how to engage teachers in their involvement of the process in order to maximise the outcomes and best journey for the students.

Outcomes for the parents and whānau: Parents saw their children grow in artistic passion and ability and recognised the transferability of skills developed during an art project into other areas of school and home life. There was an ongoing reinforcement of the school-wide values of resilience and kia kaha in the context of art. Connections were made with whakapapa through sharing whānau stories for their children’s butterflies.

Project status: Completed

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