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Maungaraki School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Visual Art and Design

Project name: Well-being Garden

Creative name: Rodrigo Trincado

Project information:

Outcomes for students and ākonga: Students were involved in the planning, preparation, and production of the mural for the garden. The art group helped paint the mural and place the completed mosaic tiles, utilising and developing their interests and skills. Students were inspired by being able to view the process of creating the mural and ask questions  of the creative. The mural presentation and the fact that the creative didn’t alter the essence of the students’ drawings showed them the value of their artwork and ideas around hauora and belonging to the school.

Outcomes for teachers and kaiako: Planning the mural was an ideal way for teachers to talk through the new school values with their classes. Working with the creative in the classroom exposed the teacher to other ways of creating art and the language and vocabulary used when discussing and valuing art. The completed garden has created a space for staff that is uplifting for their own well-being.

Outcomes for creatives: The creative connected with the students and parents and shared work amongst the community. He added to his personal portfolio and continued his engagement with the school. Through the process he enabled the new school values to be meaningful and authentic for the children and valued their artworks by including them in the mural.

Outcomes for parents and whānau: The mural has become a valued and treasured piece of authentic art for the school, wider community, and parents as a visible record of their children’s artworks. Parents now have an area to use while waiting for their children and the seating can used by a range of ages. Because it has been constructed carefully it will able to be used for long time.

Project status: Completed

Project photo gallery:

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