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Marlborough Girls' College

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Dance and drama 

Project name: Pasifika Performing Arts Programme 

Creative name: Nicole Pereira and Tevita Vaka

Project information: This project is a collaboration between the girls' and boys' colleges and two local artists. In line with the Tapasa model, it builds on the success of our 2019 Pasifika arts initiatives in which the Pasifika arts were pivotal in providing a space where our students are able to confidently navigate their cultural identity.

The creative aims of the project are:

  • to provide a culturally responsive space to foster and develop creativity
  • to enhance student well-being through self-expression and immersion in Pasifika creative practices
  • to create pathways and build skill-sets for careers in creative sectors.

Intended outcomes are that students:

  • achieve NZQA qualifications in dance and drama
  • experience success through their culture and heritage
  • be confident to pursue pathways in the culture, arts, and heritage
  • confidently lead in all areas of their learning journey. 

It will be underpinned by the KCs, focusing on critical thinking skills, a cultural of ako, managing self, participating and contributing to the group, and expressing themselves through language and dance. The programme will be monitored regularly by meetings between the artists, DP, and Pasifika Staff Committee to ensure it aligns with school curricula and existing reporting procedures.

Project status: Completed


Pasifika Performing Arts: MGC & MBC 2020 (PDF 1 MB)

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