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Linden School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Theatre

Project name: The Art of being Happy and Healthy

Creative name: Mel Dodge

Project information: This project aims to engage the students of Linden School in the creation, rehearsal, and performance of a new play. The play will focus around the school’s curriculum focus of well-being and support the school’s values encouraging empathy, creativity, courage, and connection. The playwriting process will be driven by the students as they are encouraged to discuss concepts, feelings, and experiences around the idea of well-being. This provides an opportunity for students to be heard and deeply engage with what it means to be happy and healthy. The artist will create a script inspired by the student’s ideas and wherever possible using the student’s own words. The play will be performed for whanau and community members. The school has identified communication, vocabulary, and awareness of body language as areas of great need for the students. Drama allows the students to develop these skills in a creative way which will have a lasting impact on their learning, resilience, and self-esteem.

Project status: Completed

Project photo gallery:


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