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Avalon Intermediate

Region: Wellington

Art form: Music video education 

Project name: Tūrangawaewae 

Creative name: Paascalino Schaller

Project information: 

Outcomes for students and ākonga: Students and ākonga thoroughly enjoyed this project. They were very settled on the days that they worked on the project as they were supported and encouraged to develop their passions and talents. For challenging students, supported by the MOE severe behaviour, the project gave them an opportunity to use their strengths, have positive experiences in school, and work as a team.

Outcomes for teachers and kaiako: Teachers were encouraged by students’ enthusiasm and talent in the arts. During lockdown, the staff worked with the creative to create a staff lockdown music video for students. They developed their confidence in using technology, were creative, utilised their interests and talents, and saw the power of working collaboratively to create a music video. This helped them to see the potential of the arts in our school curriculum.

Outcomes for creative: The creative found the opportunity to dive deeper into the creative process with students incredibly rewarding. The power of having students teach each other was confirmed in this project. As a practitioner, this meant it was important to deliberately provide opportunities for students to work with each other, teach one another, and implement the tuakana-teina model through the arts.

Outcomes for parents and whānau: Parent feedback was that the project was a great way to engage their children and their pride in seeing their children involved in this project. Parents were pleased that students were given the time to learn more about areas they are passionate about such as dance, rap, and filming.

Project status: Completed


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