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Victory Primary School

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Sculpture/Carving

Project name: Victory Primary School Cultural Narrative

Creative name: Maia Hegglun

Project information: Students will visit the sculpture at the mouth of our local awa, Maitahi, to learn about the story of this sculpture and to draw inspiration for our work going forward. We will also visit the museum to learn about some of the migration stories of our local iwi. The year 6 leaders will also start to gather student voice from the rest of the school through a display in our library to further inform the development of our cultural narrative. The final outcome will be a visual depiction (2D and 3D) of our school’s cultural narrative. Ākonga will develop their knowledge and skills in communication through sharing their ideas and communicating their them to a wider audience in a visual format. They will collaborate with others to develop shared understandings and narratives for our localised context. They will develop creative thinking and practice through sketching their ideas, getting inspiration from other artists and artworks, and translating their ideas into three-dimensional form through claywork and carving.

Project status: In progress

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