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Te Atatu Intermediate

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual and Performing Arts

Project name: Being Seen

Project information: The central idea is the acknowledgement of interconnectedness, which links to Te Atatu Intermediate’s local curriculum. This kaupapa relates to the idea that all things, non-living and living, are interconnected and interrelated. We aim to guide students to identify what they connect with and what they bring to the world; and to see the value in their own, and others’, contributions. Students will each create an artwork that speaks of identity and serves as a leaping-off point for drama collaboration. Ākonga will explore their place in the world, and how they belong by experiencing connection with self and others within the creative process. Art and drama provide powerful tools to see and 'be seen'. The aim is for ākonga to feel validated and valued in a safe, supported environment. In turn they will validate and value others, strengthening bonds within Te Atatu Intermediate and the local community. This underscores the school’s values: Whanaungatanga, Atawhai, Kaitiakitanga, and Ako (WAKA) and develops the key competencies of relating to others; thinking; managing themselves; and participating and contributing. These Year 8 students will head into Year 9 with a sense of self and place.

Project status: In progress

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