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Tauraroa Area School

Region: Tai Tokerau

Art form: Kowhaiwhai/Whakairo

Project name: Kahui Ako 4 Creative Collaboration 

Creative name: Mike Cameron

Project information: Kahui Ako 4 is made up of nine small rural schools and three early childhood centres. It is a huge geographic area and some schools are very isolated. The across-school teachers were appointed last month and are looking to launch in 2020. Our achievement challenges are - Improve writing, Science and well-being by using Cultural Relational Pedagogy, Play-based learning, The arts and local context for learning. To facilitate collaboration and shared vision, we propose to complete 12 pieces of art by each school, when when put together forms collaborative pieces that can be displayed in each school. This will directly support our goal of Well-being through the Arts. By connecting all pieces, students and community will gain an increased sense of belonging and connectedness. Students will have pride in their work and leave a legacy piece that can be seen for many years to come. At this stage, the final design will not be chosen by the creative, but will be worked through using a co-constructive approach with the students, in acknowledgement of the cultural capital that each school and student brings. However, the creative will ensure the colours and styles complement each other to produce a piece that works aesthetically.

Project status: In progress

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