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Silverstream School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Mosaic Art / Mosaic Mural

Project name: Ka Mua, Ka Muri (Walking Backwards into the Future) 

Creative name: Rachel Silver

Project information: 

We would like to create three mosaic artworks within the theme of our inquiry unit 'Ka Mua, Ka Muri' As part of this, children and their families will discover more about the Silverstream and Upper Hutt area, its history, culture, and people past and present. The outcomes of these inquiries will be linked to the learner competencies in our local curriculum: Inquisitive, Imaginative, Interactive, and Independent Learners.

  • Learners will work collaboratively with each other and our Artist.
  • Learners will develop a stronger connection and sense of belonging and pride in the school and wider community.
  • Learners will find out more about their local history.
  • Learners will understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures that are represented in our school community.
  • Learners will learn about their impact on the local environment.
  • Learners will experience the artistic process and will learn more about the Mosiac medium by:
    • learning the history and variety of mosaic across the ages
    • looking at the medium of mosaic art represented in different countries and cultures
    • exploring processes and techniques of mosaic making from the design concept and creation through to installation.

Project status: In progress

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