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Newtown School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Drawing and outdoor sculpture

Project name: Butterflies Together

Creative name: Paul Forrest

Project information: This project will celebrate the cultural diversity of the school community by exploring key cultural stories from our students. It will use butterflies, both endemic and exotic, to explore the concept of transformation from our local inquiry curriculum and integrate this with students' stories. It will lead to an understanding of our interconnectedness through the natural environment and with each other. Our creative recognises the value of being an artist working locally where he has a deep understanding of his community. In 2019, he came into the school as a volunteer and worked with the students on a pilot project focused on butterflies. We are looking to develop that pilot by following a four-step process which will culminate in an enduring outdoor three-dimensional kaleidoscope called 'Butterflies Together.' It will emerge from the creative work of the students with input from their whānau. This art project will extend students' creative thinking, ability to transfer a story into symbols, and consequently their well-being. There will be an ongoing public exhibition of the students’ artworks on the new display wall which was recently installed.

Project status: Completed

Project photo gallery:


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