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Maungaraki School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Visual Art and Design

Project name: Well-being Garden

Creative name: Rodrigo Trincado

Project information: Promote belonging and identity through a school and community shared project. Students will use their strengths and interest areas as they develop a greater understanding of the new school values and be able to represent these through different mediums. Promote well-being and belonging through creating an inclusive space for students and the community with a visual representation of our school well-being values. With strong focus on well-being we have developed/embedded a number of initiatives through all aspects of school life. We have strengthened; cultural responsiveness, inclusion for special needs students, strength-based practices, and looked to develop strong identity and belonging. This project will significantly promote well-being for all members of the school and the community (the garden also connects to the council-run park). Through consultation we have identified values that align with the Mental Health Foundation Well-being Model. We have developed multiple clubs to promote leadership, community, belonging and well-being. This would provide an authentic learning experience. The BOT have identified well-being, the values, and creating inclusive and engaging spaces as focus areas. There are multiple skilled community members who will manage an aspect of the project with an existing group of students.

Project status: Completed

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