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Heretaunga Intermediate

Region: Hawkes Bay/Tairāwhiti

Art form: Sculpture and Creative Process

Project name: Heretaunga Takoto Noa 

Creative name: Linda Bruce

Project information: The focus of this project is to improve the well-being of female students who are struggling with things in their lives. Everyone is creative. With an opportunity to participate in creativity, a mechanism is in place for students to be self-expressive, find self-worth, improve self-esteem, and learn skills to manage challenges in life. This will happen within a cultural context of students growing an understanding of their place of Heretaunga/Hastings within the wider context of Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Pacific. Initially basic skills in a variety of drawing practices, looking at art/culture/creative expression, and experimentation with a number of 3D materials will lead to students expressing their own ideas into visual form. Building trust and confidence between students and the creative and amongst the group are fundamentally important, in an environment where time slows down, where experimentation and creative play are enjoyed. Once a strong foundation has been developed, the creative can then facilitate a collaborative project initiated by the students to create sculptural work to enhance the school environment. Working through this process students will learn to be adaptable, resourceful, inclusive, and productive – all skills that can be applied to improve their coping with life and learning.

Project status: In progress

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