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Carterton School

Region: Wellington

Art form: Visual Arts, Community Arts

Project name: Carterton School Art & Mural Workshops 

Creative name: Adrian Jackman

Project information: The creative aim is to engage the students and teachers of Carterton School in a visual art project that will also benefit the school's environment. The outcome will be a series of painted murals that will be produced by the students and teachers and will benefit the school's front entrance and surrounding environment. The themes thatwill be explored to create the murals visuals are the native birds that front the school four sports teams; Tui, Weka, Kotare, and Huia, and native flora relevant to our region and the school's four main education hubs; Ponga Akonga Maori, Kowhai, Kahikatea, and Kawakawa. These ideas also reference the Kahui Ako Waka concept, representing Carterton School's unique identity. By participating in this collaborative arts project, students’ personal well-being is enhanced. Thinking like an artist will help develop habits that help incubate an ethic of perseverance, challenge, and craft to everything students do. Students would gain insights into the ways artists can create and explore ways to interpret their ideas creatively. The outcome of the final outdoor artwork would give all those involved a sense of pride and personal achievement that they were part of the creation a large and collaborative artwork.

Project status: In progress

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