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Aparima College

Region: Otago/Southland

Art form: Sculpture, Poetic composition

Project name: Regeneration

Creative name: Wayne Hill, Anna Cannon, Teoti Jardine

Project information: In an area of environmental regeneration in our school grounds, adjacent to the Aparima River mouth, we have constructed a meandering path of approximately 150 metres in length. At present the path is bordered by young native plants and leads to bench seats at a high point overlooking the river. This project aims to link Riverton Arts Centre with Aparima College to create a Well-being Walk that features sculpture and poetry, literally a creative pathway. This walk is available to our entire community and to visitors as a place for reflection and regeneration. Our thirty-five Year 9 students will go through the creative process and demonstrate their own creations. Inspired by these creations and by local stories, students will be supported to gather materials, create sculptures, and write poetic text that can be included within the sculptures, on themes around well-being and growth. The project would be based in the English classes but would also encompass Art, Social Studies, Sustainability and Technology, and help students build all the key competencies. Two Year 13 Art students will document the project for a celebratory exhibition at the Riverton Arts Centre towards the close of the project.

Project status: In progress

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