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For creatives

Round 2 applications

Applications have closed for the second round of the Creatives in Schools programme. Schools and kura have been advised about the outcome of their application. 

We will be updating this website with further information on Round 2 projects soon.

Round 3 applications 

Applications for Round 3 will open in June 2021. Projects will be funded for implementation in 2022.

Creative professionals or artists can continue to submit an expression of interest for being involved in the programme. Their details will then be included in the Arts Online list of creatives, which schools and kura can use to identify potential partners.

The Ministry of Education is looking for professional artists and creative practitioners to partner with schools and kura in designing creative projects for delivery over 8–20 weeks.

As a creative or group of creatives, there are two ways you can get involved.

If you already have a relationship with a school or kura, get in touch with them to see if they would like to put together a joint proposal with you. They will also help you with the expression of interest  should you decide to submit one.

If you don’t have a relationship with a school or kura, then you can submit an expression of interest . The information you provide will be made available to schools and kura as a brief, anonymous profile on this Arts Online website. A school or kura may then request your contact details from the Ministry of Education and get in touch with you to put together a joint proposal.

If the school or kura’s proposal is successful, you will then work with teachers/kaiako to deliver the creative experience for students and ākonga.

Note that although you’ll do your proposal jointly with a school or kura, the school or kura will be the ‘lead applicant’ – they will submit the proposal and have overall responsibility for delivering the project.

Selection criteria

To participate in a Creatives in Schools project, you must be a practising professional artist or creative practitioner with a track record of experience and success. Alternatively, you can undertake a project in partnership with another creative with a strong track record.

A track record of experience and success means you have:

  • achieved recognition from peers or experts, OR
  • achieved a degree of critical success, OR
  • previously delivered a successful project with a school or kura, OR
  • undergone specialised training or have significant practical experience.

Police vetting

Note that all professional artists and creative practitioners who participate in Creatives in Schools must undergo a Police Vetting Check . The school or kura you are working with will organise the check as part of the application process and ensure your police vetting is completed before the project commences. If you do not ‘pass’ the vetting, your profile will be removed from the Arts Online website (If you have one there) and you won't be able to participate in that project.

For further information, contact CreativesinSchools@education.govt.nz

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For Schools and Kura

Available Creatives


Tip Sheet for Creating a Strong Joint Proposal

Checklist for Submitting a Joint Proposal

Page last updated: 24 June 2020
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