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Creative ID: 234

Art form(s): Animation, Crafts/objects, Design, Digital arts, Game design, Interarts, Multi-disciplinary, Visual arts
Language(s): English, French
Based in: Wellington
Where I'm available:
Wellington (city). Possibly up to Lower Hutt.
When I'm available: I am currently searching for a job, so availability may change, but I am currently free for work any day and time.

My arts or creative practice (including details about my specific focus within that art form/practice and my strengths)

I am an experienced designer, illustrator and artist originally coming from the animation trade, who have been learning advanced technical practices through recent studies. I have graduated with high distinctions in Computer Science and have been working since on many projects in between the worlds of technology, the arts and entertainment, with a passion for pro-active problem solving and making things happening. Thinking that it would be an excellent base to give kids an overview and understanding of the skills required for achievements in technological and creative practice and project management, I want to use one of my projects to approach the most important areas of knowledge to develop advanced interactive applications and build custom made intelligent devices. The project I am talking about is a remote controlled 6 legs robot and the application system I have designed from scratch. The investigation would cover the basic principles of math, animation, design and programming required, to allow the understanding of things students usually learn without grasping their importance and practical possible applications in real life. Eg. The understanding of what is sine and cosine, and how to visually use the principle to generate sequences for animation.

My track record of experience and success - or the track record of experience and success of the creative or artist that I will partner with

I worked for many of the biggest production studios. I have worked as fashion/product designer in Australia, including as lead, then have been studying Computer Science, before relocating to Wellington a couple of years ago. I have since been building a few advanced interactive robots/devices involving a advanced skills in cross disciplinary areas, including usage of CAD, CNC, 3D, animation and game packages, on Computer and using manual tools.

Describe the experience you have had working with children or young people, teaching or facilitating creative processes

I have been teaching for a few years in total in the latest years of my career. I have been looking after the Digital Studio and Time Based Studio subjects, in collaboration with the Applied Arts, for the Bachelor of Creative Technology, for students age ranging from 16 to 20 and more. I have also been tutoring for a more technically advanced subject, during the last year of my studies. I have been selected by a Prof. to help in his labs for my ability to solve problems, sort and make complex systems work. I was looking after the semesters' practicals and the development of final capstone projects for the Cloud Computing subject. Students were young adults or older. From this experience, I started to think that I should be trying tutoring younger students, to make them understand principles of math and physics like I have waited for so long to understand myself, through the implementation and animation of such principles through programming and 3D visualisation.

Why I want to be part of the Creatives in Schools programme and how my involvement will link to my creative practice

As explained in the previous fields, I truly believe that the understanding of very important principles needs to come through creative practices. Schools are teaching important knowledge, but often only manage to turn the beauty into chores and simplicity into confusion... I am especially interested with this program for what it can bring. Opening people's eyes to what is possible, the curiosity to understand how things are made, the importance of constant practice, and pleasure to work, by using the arts and crafts, instead of assignments and marks, trying to give people the desire to feel the hurry to study and create on their own will, for free, because this is what is really interesting and important.

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