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Creative ID: 148

Art form(s): Community arts, Crafts/objects, Design, Digital arts, Fashion design, Multi-disciplinary, Visual arts
Language(s): English
Based in: Taranaki
Where I'm available:
Based in New Plymouth but have car, will travel. I will consider most locations within Taranaki.
When I'm available: I am flexible with my time throughout 2020 and can be available when needed.

My arts or creative practice (including details about my specific focus within that art form/practice and my strengths)

Creativity, design, and art has been part of my life for a long time. My whole life has been a creative whirl, from painting, illustrating, commercial artwork, and theatre backdrops and always trying new things, and using my creativity where I can. I can turn my hand to all things creative. I like to work with colour, with vitality, and with humour. I have had experience of working with young people (from 5-18 years) at schools, school productions, and running cooking classes, finding I can easily relate and connect to all ages. I have run my own businesses, one being a community art gallery to promote and encourage local artists. I enjoy the interaction and nurturing of ideas. My strength is versatility and thinking outside the box.

My track record of experience and success - or the track record of experience and success of the creative or artist that I will partner with

Though I studied art, art history, and design, gaining an advanced diploma, I feel creativity is instinctive and I enjoying using my skills to open untapped potential. Much of my work has been sold nationally and internationally. I have been part of many exhibitions and held solo exhibitions. I have been asked to produce commercial work and commissions for individuals. My work appeals to a number of people. I have had practical experience encouraging children with their art through my children's schools and was always the first point of call for anything required as I could do it and rarely said no. I like to be busy and I like to be involved.

Describe the experience you have had working with children or young people, teaching or facilitating creative processes

I have worked with all ages, from 5 to 18 (and beyond) through art, creativity, and cookery. For five years, I ran cookery classes, teaching kitchen skills and cookery, at after-school classes and holiday programmes. In any one year I had over 250 children through my kitchen. The same discipline of cookery can be transferred to art, the thought process, the planning, and the execution of an idea. I volunteered at my children's schools to encourage art and design on a regular basis and helped with school productions. producing backdrops, costumes, and props. The children and I worked as a team to produce what was needed, often at very last minute. I am adaptable, hard-working, and enjoy the thought process they have to a problem or idea. I enjoyed the interaction and we learnt from each other, which is very rewarding.

Why I want to be part of the Creatives in Schools programme and how my involvement will link to my creative practice

I would like to be part of the Creatives in Schools programme, as the arts are often overlooked as a trivial pastime. Art and design has an influence on everything, the pencil they use, the books they write in, the houses they live in, even the clothes they wear. To encourage creativity with children at a young age (or any age) will open their eyes to question everything and look at the world more openly. If only one child sees that there are options for them within the arts then it will be worth it. I feel I am able to fill this role successfully to give an interesting and rewarding experience for the children and myself. I connect easily with children and they with me, and to use my skills to encourage creativity so ultimately they leave the sessions with a smile on their faces would be very satisfying.

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