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Creatives in Schools

Round 2 projects

A total of 143 schools and kura were selected for Round 2 of the Creatives in Schools programme.

Of the Round 2 projects, 10 are from kura and 1 is from a New Zealand Sign Language school. They will start implementing their projects this year.

Please go here to find out more about the Round 2 projects.

Round 3 applications 

  • Applications for Round 3 will open in June 2021. Round 3 projects will be implemented in 2022.
  • The Arts Online website has a list of creatives that schools and kura can consider if they are looking for a creative. Creative professionals or artists can continue to submit an expression of interest to be included on this list.

About Creatives in Schools

The Creatives in Schools programme is delivered by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage Te Manatū Taonga and Creative New Zealand.

The Ministry of Education invites schools and kura throughout New Zealand to apply for funding to deliver a new creative project in partnership with a professional artist or creative practitioner.

Schools, kura, and creative(s) will apply and plan a project together. If your proposal is successful, schools and kura will work with the creative to deliver the creative experience for students and ākonga, lasting from 8 to 20 weeks.

Schools and kura can either work with creatives from your community or select one or more creatives on the  Available creatives  page.

We encourage all creatives interested in participating in Creatives in Schools to complete an Expression of Interest with the Ministry, so that interested schools can find them on the Available creatives  page.

The creative learning experience will enhance the well-being of students and ākonga and develop their knowledge and skills in communication, collaboration, and creative thinking and practice. It will also raise their awareness of careers in the arts and creative sectors and benefit their preparedness for the future of work


Funding will allow 510 projects to take place in New Zealand schools and kura from 2020 to 2023.

Schools and creatives can jointly apply for up to $17,000 per project. The table below shows the funding allocation.

Allowance per project Description
$10,000 The creative's 100 contact hours cover time spent directly on the project with students and ākonga only. They do not include time spent on planning, preparation, induction, and training with teachers and kaiako. This time is covered by the overall creative fee of $10,000.
Up to $4,000 Reimbursement for the school(s) or kura, covering planning and liaison with the creative, teacher and kaiako release time, and monitoring and reporting on the project.
Up to $3,000 Reimbursement for the school(s) or kura for project materials and (if applicable) travel costs.

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Available Creatives


Case Studies

Tip Sheet for Creating a Strong Joint Proposal

Checklist for Submitting a Joint Proposal

Page last updated: 24 June 2020
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