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Visual Language

Inspire your students to engage with art, and develop their creative thinking, drawing, visual, verbal, and written-language skills with this comprehensive resource. Packed full of classroom activities and ideas, the resource includes a case study explaining how students in Years 1 and 2 helped to create the kids’ audio guide, ‘Tell Me a Picture’, for the Ngā Toi │ Arts Te Papa galleries. It also gives tips on how to make a kids’ art gallery and develop a visual-language enquiry unit. ‘Visual Language’ was written by Te Papa’s Senior Educator and art teacher Helen Lloyd, and Amy Burgess and Judith Urry, teachers from Crofton Downs Primary School in Wellington.

Written by: Helen Lloyd, with Judith Urry and Amy Burgess

Date Submitted: 01 Jul 2015

Levels: Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Intermediate

Disciplines: Art History, Ngā Toi/Māori Arts, Visual Arts

Other Curriculum Areas: English, Literacy

Download this file: Visual Language resource.pdf (2.80 MB)

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