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Public Art - Rubbish Bins

This is a 1.5 standard looking at finished products in Public Art. At William Colenso College we have some awesome rubbish bins painted by students and respected by those who use them. The photos are of the finished bins. There are other photos of the work in progress but TRE will only let me choose 1. I can send the others through if anyone would like them. The lead up to this assignment included exploring different painting techniques to bring their skills up to an appropriate level.
We did question the conventions of Maori Art being used on a rubbish bin, however a local Kaumatua helped one of the students with her Maori design ideas. You may want to check this within your own community.
Students were able to choose their own theme. Those less able painters were encouraged to use stencils to create the effect they wanted.
This standard has not been moderated.

Written by: Laura Jackson

Date Submitted: 03 Dec 2015

Levels: NCEA Level 1

Disciplines: Visual Arts

Download this file: 1.5 Public Art.doc (59.00 kB)

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