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Level 1 NCEA Curriculum Unit Plan - Printmaking (1.3)

This resource is an example of curriculum-based planning for units of work at senior secondary level. It assists in planning for curriculum strand coverage as well as values, key competencies and recognition of a range of multi-cultural /gender-inclusive artist exemplars. The work produced within the unit can be assessed against NCEA achievement criteria for standard 90915 (1.3)
This template has been adapted from a previous junior assessment resource shared on the exchange by Shelly Ryde and includes a strand diagram shared in NZQA best practice workshops.

Written by: Bridget Blair

Date Submitted: 26 Sep 2016

Levels: Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Intermediate, Junior Secondary, NCEA Level 1

Disciplines: Visual Arts

Download this file: 2016 L1 PRINT UNIT TEMPLATE.pdf (527.66 kB)

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