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Drawing Progressions Resource: Space in drawing

This drawing resource contains simple drawing exercises, ideas and strategies to develop students’ understanding of drawing in Visual Arts. It has links to relevant sites and the associated Pinterest, providing a rich source of alternative approaches and visual exemplars.
This resource links to Drawing Progressions documents also available on the TRE containing exemplars of student work across Levels 1-6 of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Space in drawing lessons cover; Pictorial space, Overlapping, Scale and Placement, Scale of mark-making, Isometric Projections and Linear perspective.

Written by: Bridget Blair

Date Submitted: 23 Sep 2016

Levels: Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Intermediate, Junior Secondary, NCEA Level 1

Disciplines: Visual Arts

Download this file: Drawing Progressions Resource -Space in drawing.pdf (1.23 MB)

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