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Frequently asked questions

What is Dramanet?

Dramanet is an email mailing list facilitated by Ryan Timoko-Benjamin . It is open to all teachers of Drama and other interested educators. Dramanet is a place to share ideas, request help and resources, and establish professional relationships. It is not a forum for political debate. Subscribers to Dramanet will also receive Arts Online updates. Because Dramanet is moderated, there is a time delay between emailing a message, and receiving it by email through the mailing list. All approved messages are archived in forum archives . As all messages to this community are archived for future reference, please ensure any personal or contact details included in your post are those you wish to share. Attachments to messages are not archived.

What are the guidelines for posting to Dramanet?

Posts relating to education-based professional services may be approved for distribution if they are:

  • closely related to the community’s needs i.e. a skills development workshop for Drama
  • published once only
  • brief with a link to more information where appropriate

Please note that posts related to commercial products or workshops do not imply endorsement by the Ministry of Education. Professional Learning (PL) opportunities can be advertised in the Events area of Arts Online. If posting to mailing lists the following details should be included: A 'reply to' email address clearly stated at the start of the description. Responses will not be relayed back through the Dramanet. A clear statement about the relationship of the PL to curriculum implementation, assessment, and/or NCEA, or to specific arts learning.

  • Responding to another message: private vs. public posting. When you respond to a message, Dramanet is set so that your response will go automatically back to the whole community and not the original author. Please ensure your message is adding to the conversation.
  • Sign your messages. Emails should be signed with your name and email address. Anonymous posting to lists makes it very difficult for people to respond to you privately.
  • Keep email messages brief. For example, if you want to announce a call for registration for a conference, post a summary and let subscribers know how to access more details instead of posting the entire conference programme.
  • Attaching files. Although you are able to send an attachment of up to 1 megabyte (find the size of a file by right-clicking on the file and choosing 'Properties'), we encourage you to share resources instead through the Drama Teacher Resource Exchange where, after a simple upload process (and moderation), your file is available as a permanent resource for the whole community. Please note, attachments are not archived.
How do I subscribe to Dramanet?

To join Dramanet, click here and complete the signup form at the top of the page. When you first join Dramanet, please post an introduction of yourself to the group, and feel free to suggest any discussion topics. You may post at any time by sending a message to dramanet@lists.tki.org.nz .

How do I unsubscribe from Dramanet?

To unsubscribe, click here .

Where is the Dramanet archive and is it searchable?

You can access and search an archive of posts to the community here .

(Adapted with permission from Andy Carvin's FAQ for the World Wide Web in Education list.)

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