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Relief Modelling in Dough – Native Birds

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A visual arts unit plan for year 3–4 (Level 2)Planned duration – one term (11 lessons)

Learning experience

This unit has been by provided by Graham Price of the Waikato School of Education. Year 3–4 students, with teacher Francis Pye, learn how to focus on bird shape and texture through drawing. They use their drawings to inform the creation of a low-relief dough sculpture bird shapes. The malleability of the dough enables them to work and rework ways of creating form and textures. This resource consists of a unit plan for teachers. This unit plan is provided in chart format, and can be viewed and downloaded and printed in Word and PDF formats.

Also included are assessment tasks, examples of student work, and a reflection on the unit by the teacher.


Montage of students' bird tiles

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