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Level 1: A Guide to Presenting a Two Panel Folio

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Suggestions for 2 panel folios at 1.3, AS 90020

This resource includes a collection of possible ideas using photoshop and is not an official NZQA document. We acknowledge and thank the following teachers; Karyn Dempsey, Blair Heaton, Steve Shaw, Diane Miller, Jessica Douglas, Laura Wilkins, Di Smallfield, Lesley Hartig and their Students.

Compiled by Di Smallfield and Jeff Lockhart.

  • Series of small works (drawings) are an effective way to show development and decision making
  • Use a range of media (more than 1)
  • Make decisions on colour palette early
  • Make the size of the work relative to its importance
  • Gather a range of ideas
  • Move into idea development early in board one
  • Avoid repetition of images
  • Clear layout (space between works, grouping works together that are meant to be together, avoid butting and overlapping of works)
  • Integrate artist ideas and conventions into the work
  • Whole panel submissions restrict students ability to show developing and extending ideas

Read past examiners' reports (select 'Visual Arts' in the top box and select 'Reports and Schedules' from the middle box) to source more information related to folio layout.

The following two panel samples from schools have not been moderated and hence are not necessarily representative of the national standard.

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