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Lesson Six: Pure Play

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Specific Learning Outcome:

  • Students will co-construct a creative musical performance using music technologies (DI, CI)

Learning Goals:

  1. Experiment with making music
  2. Interact co-operatively and take turns
  3. Be creative

Set up:
PS2 x2, keyboards, instruments, audio interface , computers, guitar, mics, TVs

Words 4 Today:
Ask students what new words they learnt at the end.

Group time
  • Instruct the students to move around the different stations, playing, trying things, using each other and the teacher for help. Students will need to understand the importance of turn taking especially if the group is large. Give them some boundaries for their play but encourage creativity and the use of new and old music technologies (i.e. acoustic instruments and digital resources).
Play - self and peer assessed based on agreed success criteria
  • Students choose what they want to play on.
  • Teacher should play also. You could possibly connect the computer to an audio interface so that students can have their acoustic and singing compositions recorded.
Conclusion - formative assessment activity
  • What new "Words 4 today" did they come across?
  • Discuss as a group what they learnt and/or show the class their creations. Monitor student responses and evaluate successes and areas for development as a class.
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