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Lesson One: Prior Knowledge

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Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of music and technological vocabulary through shared discussion and experimentation with music technologies (PK)

Set up
Computers, data projector, paper & vivids, sound system, keyboards, and Playstations

  • Welcome and encourage students to bring in their favourite song for the next lesson.
  • Ask students to put their hands up if they know or have heard of these music terms and ask some of them to explain what they mean (this could be done on paper too - I chose to video the students' responses).
  • Brainstorm - in groups (10 minutes)

    1. What they would like to know about music?
    2. What activities they would like to do during the term?
    3. What they would like to work towards or complete at the end?

    Let the students work around a computer or use paper and felts. Get the groups to share back to the rest of the group. Use these decisions as success critieria for students to self and peer assess during the learning experiences. They could keep their assessments logged in a personal journal along with key ideas and exciting discoveries they wish to diarise.

  • Play - Let the students have 5 -10 minutes to play on the computers, keyboard, musical instruments and Playstation
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