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Lesson 7-10: Workstations

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Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate musical and technological understanding through creative use of available music technologies (software and hardware) (DI, CI)
  • Students will work cooperatively around workstations to produce sound works (DI, CI, UC).

These next lessons would have to be adapted to suit the resources you have available and the number in your class. The idea for the last 4 lessons is to set up workstations where students can work individually or in pairs rotating to a different station every 20 minutes. You could have specific learning goals or you could treat it as I did, as a consolidation and experimental time.

Set up:

At each station they have the following instructions.


Star Wars 3 Soundtrack

Create a soundtrack to the Star Wars 3 trailer. Remember to look at the mood and feelings on people’s faces and the tempo in each scene before you start composing. Use the computer to view the movie clip .

(You may wish to help the students to find appropriate sounds quickly by giving them some presets they can type into the keyboard e.g. 290 to build suspense, tension, darkness).

Remember also to use dynamics and colour (particularly loud and soft). I will record your soundtrack into Garageband when you are finished. If you have time you can then do voice overs before your work is put into Imovie.


Music video

Use Music 3000 (Playstation) . Go through lessons/tutorial on creating a song and video first. Then create your own 30-60 second composition, choosing a musical genre that you like. Create your music video by choosing video loops that reflect the mood and feel of your musical composition.



Use MTV Music Generator (Playstation). Go through lesson/tutorial called “Remixer”. Choose an artist and re-mix their song. Make your composition 30-60 seconds.


Play in the Orchestra: Learn about different instruments and music by interacting online (bookmark these sites). Visit:

Emac 2

Music Games: Try out these games! (bookmark these sites)

Emac3 Garageband : You choose what you want to create, remembering you only have 20 minutes.

PC music creation : Play these PC & compositional software games (if you have more PC computers available you could have more students at this station)

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