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Activities for Lesson Three

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Teacher demonstrates each step using the data projector - students follow the steps

  • Open GarageBand and name a new song with their name eg. "Mark 1"
  • Let them have a play - the keyboard appears automatically.
  • Explain the interface - tracks, bars etc.
  • Set loop 4 bar loop ('C')
  • Record a piece from the keyboard ('R')
  • Undo ('appleZ')
  • Play it ('Space bar')
  • New Track - vocal, no effects
  • Solo track
  • Record their name - ('R' to start and stop recording ) immediately
  • Listen back
  • Copy ('appleC') and paste ('appleV') to fill the 4 bars
  • Take snapshot of their voice wav form ('apple-shift-4'). This will appear on desktop as a pdf.
  • Drag and drop into their labelled folder
  • Loop browser - explain tempo/beats and limiting options. Show them some of the loops and then let them experiment on their own.
  • Drag and drop a loop to make a track - let them practise
  • Editing wav and midi (optional at this stage)
  • Students to create their own 4 bar loop using the loop browser and their recorded name
  • Save in GarageBand
  • Export to itunes
  • Burn to CD
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