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Into Music 3

MIDI files

Into Music 3, for teachers of students in years 7–10, is the third book and CD set in a series designed to support the music discipline of The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum. The book has four main chapters – Listening, Singing, Playing, and Creating and Representing – and each chapter includes three teaching units.

Here are two downloadable MIDI files that support the "Twelve-bar Blues" unit in the Playing chapter (page 51).

Sample versions:
"Twelve-bar Blues" backing track in G (MIDI, 52kb)
"Twelve-bar Blues" backing track in D (MIDI, 52kb)

Download versions:
"Twelve-bar Blues" backing track in G (13kb)
"Twelve-bar Blues" backing track in D (14kb)

Note: The download versions require Winzip which can be found on the TKI download tools section.

These files are based on backing tracks 24 and 25 on the Into Music 3 CD. If you want to use the backing tracks as they are (that is, if you don't wish to change them at all), don't download these files. Instead, use the tracks from the CD, which will give you a higher quality sound.

However, if you or your students wish to experiment by playing in different keys, muting or adjusting the volume of particular parts, changing the instrumentation, and so on, download these files.

To make best use of the files, you will need:

  • sequencing software (such as Cakewalk);
  • a MIDI keyboard (with an optional sound module for better quality sounds);
  • a connection from the output of the MIDI keyboard or computer to an input (such as the auxiliary or microphone input) on your sound system or tape deck.

Suggested Learning Outcomes for Music Programmes shows learning outcomes from Into Music 1–3.

Suggested Learning Outcomes for Music Programmes (Word 63 KB)


Ministry of Education (2003). Into Music 3: Classroom Music in Years 7–10 [book and audio CD]. Wellington: Learning Media.

Copies of the resource have been distributed free to New Zealand schools on the basis of roll numbers. Additional copies may be purchased from the Ministry's online school resources catalogue, Down the back of the chair , or contact:
Wickliffe Ltd
Freephone: 0800 660 662
Freefax: 0800 660 663
Email: orders@thechair.minedu.govt.nz

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