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Key Collection

  • Into Music 4

    This site provides the online support material referred to in Into Music 4, a resource for teachers of years 1–13 students.

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  • Into Music 3

    Into Music 3, for teachers of students in years 7–10, is the third book and CD set in a series designed to support the music discipline of The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum. From this web page you can download MIDI files that support the "Twelve-bar Blues" unit in the Playing chapter (page 51).

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  • Music Inside Out

    Music Inside Out provides case studies of three community music education activities, representing the sorts of activities that typically complement classroom music curriculum programmes. The case studies celebrate students' musical achievement, and highlight how students and mentors share their passion for music with the world beyond the classroom.

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  • Music and special needs

    Music and special needs was written to help teachers and other carers to successfully involve children with special needs in regular classroom music, and to use the medium of music to encourage such children to develop many other important skills.

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