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NCEA Level 2 Art History

This section contains useful links to websites to support teaching NCEA Level 2 Art History.

Aspects of Gothic Art (1120–1420)

Towards Modernism

  • French Art Terms You Should Know : useful painting terms used with reference to art works from academic and modern Art.
  • Impressionism in the Visual Arts : this site is organised into two sections. The first is Teach Impressionism which contains eight browse-able/downloadable lessons which deal with the major themes of the style and Experience Impressionism. The second offers an informative and enjoyable tour through turn of the century France and allows teacher/student to explore in readily accessible form the concepts that defined the Impressionism art movement.
  • NZ History of Photography Website : this timeline from 1841 - 2010 gives details of the development of photography in New Zealand while also making reference to international events within photography.   
  • Level 2 Art History Towards Modernism - Artist List (Word 2007 24 KB)

Aotearoa and the Pacific 

Impressionist Activities 

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