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Shape, Number, Pattern curriculum links

Curriculum Links

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Strands and achievement objectives

The following strands and achievement objectives from The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum apply to this unit.

PK – Developing Practical Knowledge in Dance
Students will identify and explore through movement the dance elements of body awareness, space, time, energy, and relationships.

DI – Developing Ideas in Dance
Students will initiate and express dance ideas based on a variety of stimuli.

CI – Communicating and Interpreting in Dance
Students will share dance through informal presentation and describe how dance expresses ideas and feelings.

UC – Understanding Dance in Context
Students will demonstrate an awareness of dance as part of community life.

Specific learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • explore maths through movement (both individually and in groups) by using locomotor and non-locomotor movement, levels, and shapes, on/off/over/under directions and relationships (strand PK)*
  • choose three mathematical activities and combine them into a movement sequence (strand DI)
  • share the group dance by performing the three linked-up mathematical ideas (strand CI)
  • observe and discuss the chosen mathematical activities and the use of the elements: space, relationships, etc (strand CI)*
  • by viewing photos and performances, discuss the formations and patterns of family and community dances (strand UC).*

Note: Asterix * denotes outcomes to be assessed.

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Teaching and learning focus

Body awareness

  • Locomotor
  • Non-locomotor
  • Body parts
  • Body base
  • Body shapes


  • Individual
  • Pair
  • Group
  • To objects
  • To environments


  • Level
  • Pathways
  • Direction
  • Size/ Range
  • Focus
  • Place


  • Tempo
  • Beat/Rhythm
  • Accent


  • Weight
  • Flow
  • Energy
  • Dynamics

Cross-curricula links

This unit has links to the following curriculum areas:
  • Language
  • Maths
  • Science.

Essential skills used:

  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Information
  • Problem solving
  • Self management and competitive
  • Social and co-operative
  • Physical

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