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Strands and Achievement Objectives

The Level 4 strands from the visual arts section of The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum relevant to this unit are as follows:

  • Strand PK: Developing Practical Knowledge in the Visual Arts
    Students will apply knowledge of elements and principles to make objects and images, using art-making conventions and a variety of techniques, tools, materials, processes, and procedures.
  • Strand DI: Developing Ideas in the Visual Arts
    Students will generate and develop visual ideas in response to a variety of motivations, using imagination, observation, and a study of artists' work.
  • Strand CI: Communicating and Interpreting in the Visual Arts
    Students will explore and describe how different media influence the communication and interpretation of ideas in their own and others' work.
Specific learning outcomes

The specific learning outcomes for this unit related to these strands are as follows:

  • Strand PK – Students will apply knowledge of the elements of colour, line and shape and the principles of balance, contrast and harmony in their art works;
  • Strand DI – Students will generate ideas to develop art works in response to the work of Kay George and to their investigations into natural shapes and patterns;
  • Strand CI – Students will compare and discuss the effects Kay George intended and achieved in her fabric painting Rock Pools and the Sea and their own paint on paper responses.
Essential learning skills used
  • Problem solving
  • Self-management and competitive
  • Information
Evaluation and assessment criteria

Students have:

  • used the elements of colour and pattern in their work;
  • created a painting in response to Kay George's work, and their own ideas generated from her work;
  • discussed effects created in their own and Kay George's work.

Painting by Krystal Matene

Printing this unit

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