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Session 2

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Give students a sheet of large A1 paper, trimmed at the top so it is rectangular. Children younger than year 7 and 8 would be better to use smaller paper as applying the colour flow requires patience and a steady hand. Referring to their charts the children create a Hundertwasser village . They use pencil to lightly sketch in selected components according to the characteristics identified above. Discuss composition features such as overlapping, variety of shapes and detail, work coming in from the edge, use of colour, patterns and textures and using a vivid. When the drawings are completed, use black vivid to outline the work and add textures and patterns.

Note: The children will have had a lesson(s) on line, tone texture earlier in their art programme and will be aware of the different ways we can use line. Widths, lengths, directions, pressure can all vary greatly giving different effects. Practise these effects with pencil before letting the children loose with the vivid.

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